Trance effect


During this lockdown madness, if you are trying to regain your sanity, here is an extended play by one of the most talked about Indie-rock bands from the Northeast. Trance Effect is all set to drop their debut EP on May 8 and it is certainly going to be a game changer. Titled as Clowns, the five-track EP is going to make you want do dance, trip over the melodic grooves but most importantly it is sure going to make you reflect on your perspective about LOVE. VibesMojo got an exclusive opportunity to listen to some tracks from the EP and we couldn’t help but give out some spontaneous dance moves while listening to their beautifully crafted grooves and melodies. It was an immense pleasure and also an honour to get the opportunity of an exclusive listening session during the lockdown, a very unique opportunity we should say. During the…