Sportscraft Management


With an idea to promote sports, especially cricket, among those who are unable to play the game due to their daily busy schedule, Decathlon, a sporting goods retailer, is organising FLX Box Cricket for the first time in its premises at Azara here on January 4. Organized by Sportscraft Management,  supported by VibesMojo and Amul, the five-a-side event saw participation of overall six teams coming from across the state. In a single game, two batsmen, one bowler and four fielders take the space, including two umpires. However, the main difference lies in the rules, which even allow a batsman to score even 12 runs in one go. There are also some designated spaces where a batsman can earn runs in the small enclosure. The match is a five-over game making it a very fast-paced game. Speaking to VibesMojo, co-founder of Sportscraft Management, Kaustav Chakraborti, said, “This is the first time we…