These are difficult times, all we hear around are discussions around COVID-19, quarantine, lockdown, etc. The air is thick with panic and pain but some people, sometimes manage to inject some freshness amid gloom. Shankhuraj & Project Baartalaap have done just that with their new song, Baartalaap. Baartalaap or conversations sung by singer cum songwriter Shankuraj Konwar and writer/ singer Maitrayee Patar premiered on 7th April and has already garnered over forty-five thousand views on YouTube. The song is richly layered with an equally interesting backstory behind its conception. “In 2017, when we were at TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) Maitrayee and I had the opportunity to sing together on World Disability Day,” says Konwar. This performance lead to many meaningful after college conversations between the two and continues to kindle creativity. “Disability to express our thoughts runs wild in our heads and a conversation is never enough to…