Ravi Sharma


An actor whose power packed performances made his name synonymous with the world of Assamese film and theatre. Among the many movies to his credit are Hiya Diya Niya, Barood, Nayak to name a few. Yes we are talking about Ravi Sharma. https://youtu.be/rciJm6cRHsU Team VibesMojo caught up with him for a quick chat and here are the edited excerpts of the interview: VM: Did you want to be an actor? Take acting as your career? Well, not in the initial stage of my life, but later on, I realised that probably God has, you know, created me to be a part of this because this is where I feel at home. I love my work and I also love the love I get from the people of Assam. I think it’s a huge responsibility because art and culture is not just something to be put in a watertight compartment and to…