New Release


A good song always has the innate capacity to draw your pain and boredom out and make you sway to its beats. With the COVID-19 pandemonium, it is often difficult to find a moment of peace, fun or even tranquility. At times like these, mental peace and to be able to zone out all the negativities becomes very essential.  Well, music has that power to do so. Beethoven himself once said “Music can change the world,” so there is obviously no need to elaborate the power of music any further. However, this “ain’t no plain ol” listicle of old songs that you need to listen to for these are new releases form the artist across the Northeastern states that have had its release during the lockdown.  So pop those earbuds on, zone out the chaotic world and groove to these songs No Reason- Kaysee, Basshole This is a ‘brand new’ song…