Jahnu Barua


There are a few prominent names in the Assamese film scenario whose name is synonymous with the entire industry and Zerifa Wahid is one such name.  She has innumerable movies to her credit, many of which have claimed national recognition. https://youtu.be/wiffVle4lrw Team VibesMojo had a chance to interact with her and here are the edited excerpts of the interview : VM: At the very outset we would like to know, did you ever think that you’d take acting as your career? ZW: Not at all though I joined the film industry when I was a child. I was in school and I didn’t have any idea about cinema or acting. It was at a family get together that some people from the Assamese film industry  spotted me and the next thing I know, I was acting in films as a child actor, so it wasn’t at all a planned move…