YouTube is a melting point of a deluge of content creators. Each with their unique flair in the kind of content they want to create and showcase. 28-year-old Vishal Langthasa is one such creator who’s hilarious videos makes one wonder, hey didn’t this happen to me once? He is so relatable. With over 1 lakh subscribers for his channel “Chugli TV” this relatable You Tuber who lives in maximum city Mumbai, hails from a small town of Haflong in Assam. Why Chugli TV? Its because just like the literal meaning of chugli which stands for talking behind someone’s back, his channel is also an alternate space where people talk. Moreover, the word chugli is simple, funny and will often be easily retained by the human mind. He is popular for creating fictitious characters in his channel — from Aunt Nijula to Ghonokanto. Aunt Nijula who, after a painful divorce in…