In this day and age of hypocrisy, political turmoil, environmental malfunctions (due to crimes perpetuated by us humans) and constant strife, it often becomes difficult to find a safe space to just laugh. But stand-up comedian Abhineet Mishra draws  inspiration from everything that is bleak and dark, gives it a twist and makes everyone laugh. Mishra is bringing his unique flair of humor to Guwahati. His nationally acclaimed tour #NutsandBolts would be in the city this Sunday, February 23 at G-Adda and his performance starts at 7 pm. With over 45k subscribers on YouTube, he has been a regular on the Stand Up Comedy scene for the last couple of years. He was the winner of the first Kill or Die event at Canvas Laugh Club a few months after he started. Ever since, he has been performing in several cities and on some of the biggest stages in the…