https://youtu.be/9fct30hwHos A music composer, poet, abstract artist and a full-time architect — all packed into one. That’s Lueit Parasar Hazarika — the man who does not seem to be happy doing just one thing. Lueit drew inspiration from his parents to become a musician. “Both of them were quite famous stage performers and when there is music all the time all around you, you automatically get drawn and attracted towards it” said Lueit. He took up Indian Classical vocal, the Bhatkhande style at the tender age of seven. “My father was an avid listener of most of the Indian style of music. We were not exposed to Western music as such in my childhood, although Michael Jackson was one of my favorites,” added Lueit. His musical talents were further honed when he shifted to Bombay to pursue his studies in architecture in the year of 1995. “I came…