Anurag Saikia


The fusion of soul, mankind, and culture through a melodious path creates Mongeet It is said that every soulful music is termed as Mongeet. When we came to know about this grand festival which was held in the largest inhabited riverine island in Dekasang resort, we were astounded to know that this is a step in the evolution of the already depleting Assamese music industry.  In this materialistic world which is devoid of a soul, such a step is necessary where music contributes a lot to our society. Erudites of the Assamese music industry who have made their name in Bollywood and many other national and international levels all gathered at the same place. Their common goal; the development of the Assamese music industry along with the development of the present social structure.  ‘Project Mongeet’ is the brainchild of two childhood friends who grew up in the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra…