Abani Tanti


Bagging more than 18k views after a single day of its release, Shankuraj Konwar drops another masterpiece, Dur Ximonat. The song turns out to be the veracious essence of the modernised Assamese music industry and was produced by Konwar and Maitrayee Patar with their thrilling crew. It explores the alluring beauty of “loss” with a blend of various shades that one goes through life. The lyrics of Dur Ximonat carries a kind of self-introspective words which mingle with the colors of life enthralling the audience. The song penned by Patar and Konwar is emanated by his band ‘Shankuraj and Project Bartalap.’ The inclusion of some genius musicians such as Ambar Das, who handles the drums, is a trained jazz drummer, song writer and jingle specialist, among many; Manasquam Mahanta in the lead guitar, and Manas Choudhry as the bassist. This astounding song was a mix and mastered by Abani Tanti,…