Northeast India: An alluring muse for photographers

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August 19 holds a special place in the heart of photographers as this day marks the celebration of photography. The day is celebrated around the globe as World Photography Day and encourages people to express themselves through the art form.

There is a photographer hidden in each one of us. However, not all invest their time and creativity to capture moments. Enriching the creativity gives rise to different genres of photography. It can be landscapes, portraits, products, food, events, night, etc and so on and forth.

Each of these genres of photography requires its own set of specifications. Be it background, locations, dress forms, etc, every photo needs its own clearly defined environment, ones which are starkly different from the other. And as proud as it makes one feel, the states of Northeast India never fail to surprise us. Be it urban city life or the foggy hills and mountains, be it the romantic riverside or the café’s and thematic restaurants, Northeastern states provide us with everything we need. The states are always shot ready making us wonder if they were actually posed to the photographers’ perfection.

With this let us look into a few of the prominent locations which clearly hits home the statement of being a photographer’s paradise. Disclaimer: No way are we saying that these are the only picturesque locations to shoot in those states. These are just windows to the actual beauty that resides in the eyes of any beholder.


  • Arunachal Pradesh






Credits: @maitreya_mrm


  • Assam

Credits: @priankobiswasphotography


  • Manipur

Credits: @raj_thwdam


  • Meghalaya

Credits: @_dusk_n_dawn_


  • Mizoram

Credits: @eastman_chhakchhuak & @streets_of_mizoram_


  • Nagaland

Credits: @hubert_linyu


  • Sikkim

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Credits: @khaopioghumo


  • Tripura

Credits: Animesh Dhar & @tripura_photography_hub

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