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An emerging name in the field of hip-hop is Guwahati-based rapper-cum-songwriter Rocky Glock who  just released his debut album Parindey on December 11.

Glock started his journey in 2017, drawing his inspirations from Drake, Kanye West, and Future. “For me, music is my superpower to save myself from the world and also is a way to shape my future,” said Glock. 

Rocky’s first brush in the field of arts and music came from his grandfather. “My grandpa was a scriptwriter for theatre plays, and I was mesmerised by the way his write-ups came to life on the stage,” he said. He was awestruck by the responses that his grandfather received from the audience and thought of being in the same place as him.

A bird flies out, drifting into the void. Unbeknownst to him whatever that is to come. Some it plays with and some it crashes too. Some it is swayed to and some it is caged by. Homed by his homelessness, he keeps on flying. No end.

Presenting Parindey

Live At Momo Fest Red Bull in 2019

When asked to introduce the album, Rocky said, “The album revolves around a guy in his early twenties, his experiences with love, hustle, dreams, loneliness and probably his fight with drug abuse. It’s the flight taking off. Probably that’s what the 1st chapter is.”

Most of the songs on the album are produced by Trap Monk from Jaipur. Rick Skill yet another producer helped in the production of Indian Dream and Kaand. “Even Basshole helped produce Ainay ke Samne and the thing about that song is that it was made way before I came with the idea of making an album and it is probably the first song from the album.”

Check out his songs here

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