The Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift is an upcoming band out of Nagaland that just released their debut single, “From the Ashes”.

The song with its clean vocals keeps the listener interested with the switch and swings in the tempo. Meanwhile, the addictive drum beats and guitar riffs add flavour to the band’s debut single.

“The song is quite personal because the vocalist wrote this song when he was trying to move on from a broken relationship and since music and songwriting has always been the best therapy,” the lead guitarist of the band, Zajamo Kithan, told VibesMojo adding that the whole writing process was very empowering and liberating at the same time.

Chechamo Odyuo, Zajamo Kithan, Arepsen Aier, Razo Tenenu and Atsase Yiphithonger

The band started off in the true rock genre of music but has now eventually evolved into the alternate pop/rock genre. They were influenced by the likes of The 1975, Coldplay and solo artists like Dua Lipa.

The Paradigm Shift, consisting of five members (Chechamo Odyuo, Zajamo Kithan, Arepsen Aier, Razo Tenenu and Atsase Yiphithonger), was formed in the first week of February in 2019.

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  1. It’s a world class production as well with the unique composition, love how you all put it very melodious. This is Superb. God bless you all.

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