BTS member Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope stands out as the most cheerful member of the K-pop band. Known for all things optimistic in the K-pop band J-Hope turned 27 on Thursday.

Also famous as Hobi amongst the fan club BTS ARMY, J-Hope is usually a goofball, his infectious energy and sunny disposition have even earned him the nickname Sunshine.

Any BTS member’s birthday is an occasion for huge celebration for the band’s worldwide ARMY. #HappyBirthdayHoseok started trending on Twitter from midnight. J-Hope rang in his birthday on V Live, a South Korean video streaming service, which even crashed during the session due to viewer overload.

J-Hope hails from Gwangju, South Korea and before debuting with BTS, he was part of the underground dance team Neuron. In the seven-member band, J-Hope, RM and Suga were selected as the first three members of the band by Big Hit Labels.

With solo tracks like Chicken Noodle Soup, Daydream, Airplane and his mixtape Hope World, J-Hope has proved that he aces everything he attempts.

Check out 5 of his best dance videos here:

Chicken Noodle Soup




Mic Drop

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