From Munna Bhai MBBS’s Circuit to Jolly LLB’s advocate Jagdish Tyagi, Arshad Warsi has never failed to make us laugh with his amazing roles. He is mostly known for his comic roles, but let us not forget that he is such a versatile actor that he can fit into any character and any genre. For instance, watch his web series ‘Asur’ to see his ‘serious’ side.

But one cannot separate Warsi from comedy. So on his 53rd birthday, we bring you five of his comic roles that will certainly make your day.

Circuit in Munna Bhai MBBS: 

Arshad Warsi’s role in Munna Bhai MBBS needs no description. Everyone is familiar with Circuit and his role is an absolute fan favourite. His role in this movie undoubtedly made us laugh, and the friendship between Munna and Circuit made us cry. His best role ever? Possibly.

Madhaav in Golmaal: Fun Unlimited:

Munna Bhai was great, but Golmaal took his acting to another level. As the slightly stupid but always full of ideas Madhav, Warsi made everyone laugh throughout the movie. A truly amazing performance.



The bro-relation of Aditya and Manav as Arshad and Javed Jaffrey has been loved by all. But then, when you bring together Jaffrey and Warsi, what else would you expect?



Arshad Warsi’s performance in Ishqiya was just beyond words. His chemistry with Krishna (Vidya Balan) set the screen ablaze and even after all these years, few who watched the movie have forgotten Warsi’s performance.


Jolly LLB:

Warsi performs the role of a shrewd lawyer who became the hero in the end. The actor handled both the ‘satire’ and the ‘rage’ quite well in this film.


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