2 bananas for Rs 442: Twitterati share their #MyRahulBoseMoment

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Moments after a video posted by Bollywood actor Rahul Bose — where he reveals how he was charged Rs 442 for two bananas at a 5-star hotel, JW Marriott, in Chandigarh — went viral, Twitter users started sharing their similar experiences under #MyRahulBoseMoment.

Netizens are reiterating the time when they had to pay a bomb for something really cheap, or say, affordable. With a mix of actual experiences and some comic relief, this is now trending on Twitter.

And like a cherry atop a sundae, corporates like Reliance Jio, Amazon Prime and several others jumped on the bandwagon, marketing their products.

  • Starting with the classic ‘air for some chips’





  • We would sure love to have that ‘fancy’ gaajar ka halwa.





  • Exotic masalas, maybe?





  • It seems like the World Cup trauma still haunts many





  • Umm next time let’s just prepare carefully





  • Ok now is this a trend?





  • The chickens were from a superior genetic strain.





  • Amazon Prime and its benefits far outweigh the cost of two bananas





  • Policy Bazaar spares no expense to market their schemes and it’s proved now.





  • But Swiggy is always cheaper Rahul!





  • Reliance Jio sure has some unsatisfied customers, and they show why.




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