Anurag Saikia’s ‘Project Borgeet’ scores big

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One of Assam’s most talented music composers in recent times, Anurag Saikia has had an awesome run at film music. He became the youngest ever music composer to win a Rajat Kamal (national award) for Best Non-Feature Film Music Direction for the film Yugadrashta. Now his ‘Project Borgeet’ is getting a lot of likes and views on social media. It has already crossed the 21K in Yuotube within days of its release.

‘Project Borgeet’ is Anurag’s dream wherein 600 hundred years old Borgeet, a genre of Assamese devotional songs created by the 15th-century poet, saint Srimanta Sankardev and his disciple Madhabdev, have been recorded by the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, a first ever initiative of its kind and scale.


Anurag Saikia’s ‘Project Borgeet’ scores big, VibesMojo
Anurag Saikia with FAME’s Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra in North Macedonia

The ‘Project Borgeet’ is an endeavour by Anurag to bring the holy songs which have remained localised within the confines of Assam, to the world stage. 

“I am getting many calls from my friends and people from the US and UK, each wanting to know more about Srimanta Sankardev and Madhavdev,” Anurag said speaking to VibesMojo post the release of his first chapter.

“Even Sonu Nigam rang me up from Istanbul to congratulate me about this project,”  Anurag added.

The first chapter gives a glimpse of his journey, a visually appealing scene of the sun setting into the mighty Brahmaputra, is rather captivating. It then takes us through the journey of the entire project, the extensive research done and the final output. 

Anurag Saikia’s ‘Project Borgeet’ scores big, VibesMojo
“Even if only eight new people are introduced to the world of Borgeet through these projects, I would feel that all the work and effort bore the right success,” Anurag Saikia

“Though I cannot say about the exact number of chapters that we will come out with, I can tell you that the first two would focus solely on the methodology, The chapters that will follow will cover the basics of Borgeets, its inception, its transformation and many more,” Anurag said. 

He thanks Zeal Creation and producer Shyamantak Gautam for the contribution in bringing the project to the success it is receiving now.

Anurag Saikia’s ‘Project Borgeet’ scores big, VibesMojo

Anurag has also scored the music for a new web series Cheesecake, an MX Original series.



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