After #SareeTwitter, #KhakiTwitter takes social media by storm

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Twitter (the micro-blogging site) is a strange place indeed where things just tend to trend out of the blue. With the trends as #SareeTwitter, #KurtaTwitter, #JhumkaTwitter, #PaghadiTwitter already going stale, a whole new trend is afoot now.

#KhakiTwitter, launched by Mumbai Police, is the new deal on twitter these days. Rarely missing a chance to be on the viral trends online, the social media team of Mumbai Police again jumped on the bandwagon by honouring the khaki-clad men. Mumbai Police shared a picture of a cop in an imposing pose and Twitter went on a frenzy.

Here is the post that sparked the flames of #KhakiTwitter




Here are our few favourites

  • Rocking on both fronts, #KhakiTwitter & #SareeTwitter




  • When charm meets swag meets fear, we get Sanjukta Parashar




  • Proud son shares some moments of his dad with #KhakiTwitter




  • Khaki and red…. A cool combination indeed




  • Dad and daughter with #KhakiTwitter and #SareeTwitter




  • A picture that speaks in volumes




  • Pune Police was not far behind




  • Jamming to the #KhakiTwitter


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