A Ballad of love on the day of love by Alobo Naga

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Love needs no particular time for celebration, however when a day, February 14 is clearly demarcated as a day of love, it gets a complete new makeover. Add on to it a ballad that is released on this very day, commemorating the powerful emotion and we have different ballgame all together.

The master of love song, Alobo Naga has dropped his happy love song on the most romantic day of the year. The song begins with a clean and mellow guitar pluck which is then accompanied by the enchanting voice of Alobo Naga hence culminating into a beautiful tune that can make any listener lose oneself in the world of love. Check the song below.

The 3 minute song which is in Sumi dialect starts off by thanking the almighty for creating love. The song then goes on to turn into an ode and a vow that a lover can dedicate to their loved ones.

After premiering it just hours ago on YouTube, listeners from the region are going gaga over the song as it has garnered over six thousand views already. Alobo Naga has made this V Day all the more special and meaningful.

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